Green Tea Pure Cleansing Balm 100ml / Make-up Remover

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  • Natural oil based green tea powder which is highly effective of adsorbing micro dust, will penetrate deep into the skin, even through makeup, to clear wastes in pores without irritation
  • wastes and dead cell will be washed off without irritation
  • Includes green tea powder, highly effective for adsorbing micro dust
  • Use of plant based oil which provides freshness instead of mineral oil
  • 3 in 1 Transforming texture - Step 1 No dripping, simple and appropriate amount Smooth sherbet balm without irritation - Step 2 Strong detergency through make up and pores Oil type - Step 3 The color of the texture will be changed to milk color when water is added Neither tension nor oily feeling will be felt! Milk type!

[How To Use]
Dry your hands and apply appropriate amount to wash, water or tissue can be used to wash of the texture. No second wash is required but light foam cleanser is recommended for second wash