TONYMOLY - The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Essence 55ml

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The Chock Chock Green Tea Watery Essence contains the moisture of fermented green tea cultivated by sunlight, wind and nature throughout the four seasons. The highly concentrated moisture essence in formulated with over 80% Green Tea extract and helps quench skins thirst as it delivers moisture deep into the skin. Our Chock Chock collection features a special fermented Korean green tea called '' with over a thousand years of history. '', the world's first naturally fermented green tea, is?fermented through sunlight for over 365 days and provides gentle yet intense moisture and hydration that lasts.

- Pure Fermented Green Tea Extract, or '' is the world's first naturally fermented green tea and a TONYMOLY Global Exclusive.
- Naturally fermented green tea contains?high anti-oxidant and moisturizing benefits to skin, much higher than that of fresh green tea.
- Lightweight formula sinks deep into the skin for a fresh finish.
- Lemon Seed Oil - Filled with antibacterial and antifungal properties.
- Rosewood Oil - Soothing and revitalizing.