ES COSMETIC - N.M.F Honey Ampule (Buy 1 Box Get 1 Box Free)

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Buy 1 Box Get 1 Box Free 

Get 20 mask sheets for only $10!!!! 

What it is:

A sheet mask that works to nourish the skin, while moisturizing and improving skin luster.

Solutions for:

– Dryness

– Dullness and uneven texture

– Loss of firmness and elasticity


The royal jelly and manuka honey extract in this highly-nourishing sheet mask work to resolve dullness and dryness by allowing nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin. Trehalose and hyaluronate solution work together to ensure skin's moisture is retained, resulting in supple, dewy-looking skin. Oriental Beauty Fruits Newplex, a blend of ginkgo, mulberry, pomegranate, and fig extracts, combined with milk protein extract protect dry and rough skin from harmful impurities and work to deliver radiant and healthy looking skin.