Cettua Nose Strip 3 types, Buy one Get one free

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Cettua Silky & Clear Nose Strip is designed to remove dirt, oil and other pore clogging debris from the Nose areas with the adhesive properties of the moistened/activated strips. The strip adhesives to the dirt and oil in your pores and then they lifted away as you remove the strip. The result can be seen instantly as you remove the strip.

  • 2 Step Nose Strip: First step removes blackheads instantly. Second step tighten pores.
  • Pure White Nose Strip: Witch hazel helps refine pores and reduce redness.
  • Charcoal Nose Strip: Charcoal refines and cleans the skin's pores

    How to use 

    • Wash your face then wet your nose and area around your nose with a generous amount of water.
    • Dry your hands and remove the transparent film.
    • Apply the round contoured section in the middle of the pack to the tip of nose. Stick pack closely onto skin.
    • Wait for 10-15 minutes until the pack become stiff. (Check dryness by patting the pack with dry hands)
    • Remove dried pack slowly from the edges. 5. Use about 1 time a week.
    Made in Korea