Avajar - Quick Cleansing Dry Tissue

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 This is a dry tissue for facial cleansing that is easy and convenient to use. The dry tissue becomes a foaming towel when wetted with water. Thick, soft, embossed dry tissues provide deep cleansing and remove dirt and oil from your skin. Restoration of Moisture + Relief of Skin Irritation – All in One Step! Keep one in your pouch just in case of emergencies

  • Portability -A heavy pouch Needed No Longer
  • Easy and Quick Removal of makeup
  • Helps to shrink pores by deep cleansing and exfoliation
  • Moisturizing & elasticity management with 9 natural extracts

How To Use

  • Spread one dry tissue and soak it in the water slightly.
  • Rub the soaked tissue to create rich bubbles
  • Wipe your face gently as you massage
  • Rinse with lukewarm water

Ingredients: Purified Water, Tree leaf Soapberry, Decyl Glucoside, Extracts of : Witch Hazel, Kakadu Plum, Camu camu, Acerola, Pearl, Aloe Vera, Cactus stem, Green Tea-leaf, 1,2 Hexane Diol , Glycerin, tartaric acid, perfume