What is a Bio-Cellulose Mask?

Specially created from natural coconuts to model the structure of the face and flexibly fit comfortable on your skin. This super-soft texture cools as it gently moisturizes, evens out the skin tone, and maximizes essence absorption up to 10x more than a regular sheet mask. 


Maskafe Bio Cellulose Brightening Facial Mask 3 Pieces

♦ Formulated from fermented coconut water comfortably fits on skin and keeps skin moisturized all day with its moisture-retaining effect.


♦ Whitening effect

♦ Moisturizing effect

♦ Soothing blemish skin 

♦ Perfectly Fit

♦ Extreme Deliverance.

♦ Natural Ingredients.


♦ Brand: Maskafe Bio 

♦ Content: 3 Pieces